Cycling is our passion, not our profession.

Team Background

The Green Arm Bandits are a sub team of the East End Cycling Team (EECT).
EECT has been racing in the tri-state area since the 70's
and has over 50 podium wins to show. We thank the veteran CAT 2 and 3 racers of
EECT who have provided the guidance and advice to help us structure a team.

Team Mission Statement

As a member of the Green Arm Bandits, a strong commitment and dedication to competitive road races is expected. The Bandits focus upon the tri-state and New England’s epic road races, including Battenkill, Bear Mountain, Housatonic, Union Vale, Tokeneke, and the Tour of the Hilltowns.

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TWIG Notes

TWIG Notes: What a fine weekend, I hope everyone got out and enjoyed it! Since our last update the GABs have been busy training and racing around the Northeast. Eric was flying the colors at the Purgatory Road Race, Rob in Prospect Park, George, Percy, Chris, Kris, Rob and Eric at the Kreb Cycle Friday Night Series where the team has achieved a few results. The first race of the year saw George in a break from the gun, where he was able to bring home second place. behind Bill Ransford of Carl Hart.

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Floyd Bennett Field

I finally made a return to Floyd after a couple of years. I had such a bad experience the last couple of times traveling there that I couldn't motivate myself to go again. So I overcame the fear and hopped in the car. Traffic was heavy, but nothing like it has been in the past. I arrived with a few minutes to spare, so I managed to get my number pinned on and roll around for a few minutes.

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TWIG Notes

Its been a while since the last This Week In GAB post, probably a year. Life has a way of keeping us busy. I guess we should start with an update on the team. This season we have brought a new member aboard, Rob Brugna. Rob has been racing for many years and still maintains a deep commitment to racing. We look forward to his added firepower and positive attitude. With this arrival came the departure of one of our key members, Karl Nelson. Karl has moved on to GS Mengoni. We wish Karl continued good fortune on his new team, and hope he proudly wears his new jersey.

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2013 Green Mountain Stage Race Aug. 30th-Sept. 2nd

The Green Mountain Stage Race, a four day event throughout the scenic VT countryside South of Burlington, begins with a 5.7 mile ITT. The TT course, which is predominantly uphill, is grueling and acts to provide time separation between the competitors. Having prepared with a solid warm-up I rolled to the line primed for a max effort. As I caught and passed 4 of the riders which had started their race at 30 second intervals ahead of me, I knew I was having a good ride.

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Two Hard Races

This weekend I went up to Connecticut to do two hard races, the Rocky Hill Crit on Saturday and Tokeneke on Sunday. Going into the weekend I'd placed 3rd at FBF the previous Tuesday and had high hopes for the criterium, at least. Instead I got a weekend of punishment. Ben Wolfe from Jelly Belly and Paul Lynch from BMC joined a bunch of New England fast guys for the weekend.

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