Cycling is our passion, not our profession.

Team Background

The Green Arm Bandits are a sub team of the East End Cycling Team (EECT).
EECT has been racing in the tri-state area since the 70's
and has over 50 podium wins to show. We thank the veteran CAT 2 and 3 racers of
EECT who have provided the guidance and advice to help us structure a team.

Team Mission Statement

As a member of the Green Arm Bandits, a strong commitment and dedication to competitive road races is expected. The Bandits focus upon the tri-state and New England’s epic road races, including Battenkill, Bear Mountain, Housatonic, Union Vale, Tokeneke, and the Tour of the Hilltowns.

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2013 Green Mountain Stage Race Aug. 30th-Sept. 2nd

The Green Mountain Stage Race, a four day event throughout the scenic VT countryside South of Burlington, begins with a 5.7 mile ITT. The TT course, which is predominantly uphill, is grueling and acts to provide time separation between the competitors. Having prepared with a solid warm-up I rolled to the line primed for a max effort. As I caught and passed 4 of the riders which had started their race at 30 second intervals ahead of me, I knew I was having a good ride.

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Two Hard Races

This weekend I went up to Connecticut to do two hard races, the Rocky Hill Crit on Saturday and Tokeneke on Sunday. Going into the weekend I'd placed 3rd at FBF the previous Tuesday and had high hopes for the criterium, at least. Instead I got a weekend of punishment. Ben Wolfe from Jelly Belly and Paul Lynch from BMC joined a bunch of New England fast guys for the weekend.

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2013 Tokeneke Classic Road Race-East Hartland, CT

The Tokeneke Classic Road Race is another of the major Northeast hilly road races and this year was designated as the CT State and NE Road Race Championships. The course consists of a 22 mile loop with 2 major climbs and multiple rolling sections which the CAT4 35+ field would complete twice as it circumnavigated the scenic Barkhamsted Reservoir. The ~90 man field rolled off at 9:15am as the positioning was established prior to initiation of the 1st climb at mile 7.

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6th Tour of the Catskills -- Py's 3rd ToC finish.

Py was heading up to the 6th Tour of the Catskills.

Finishing GC 32nd out of a very competitive and everything but local NY competition of over 80 riders.

Again, excellent races, safe courses, smoothly run event as usual. Great riders as well.

Py's report can be found here:


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Chasing jersey points

The last two weekends I've raced the Lucarelli and Castaldi Cup in PP with the intention of defending the points I picked up back in April. Last Saturday I raced after a heavy week of training and spent my time attacking from lap 1. I finally made the winning break but I didn't have the legs for the finale and had to settle for 7th. I did pick up a couple of points in the sprints competition which left me at 2nd in the green and 6th overall going into the final race.

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