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Video Review from Sufferfest

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By Rob Havemeyer - Posted on 15 February 2010

Well as the winter wears on and I spend time on the trainer I get bored watching the same videos over and over... I've got 20+ hrs of 09' races on DVR and they get played out after a while. Plus you have to provide the motivation to get your butt into the saddle and pedal...

But yesterday I read a great review from on some videos from So today I downloaded them from the sufferfest website. They are meant for watching on your Ipod or laptop. For me that won't do..So I converted them and burned them to a DVD so I can watch them on my TV !! GO BIG or GO HOME :) !!! The quality isn't too bad for my HDTV. And each video only cost $10 ea.

If you haven't seen these videos yet. The Dude is a nut bag !! In a good way..:) Well with a website like sufferfest I knew it was gonna be a good workout! But these videos are on a whole other level...Compared to a Spinervals etc.. The one I watched tonight is called the downward spiral and is meant to train your anaerobic energy system and some neuromuscular power with intervals from 2min-15sec... The video is an hr long with the main sets lasting around 45min...

As with any video you can choose to sandbag or take it easy but this guy has a way of getting the most out of you... He gets under your skin Taunting you like a school girl !!! Which is kind of funny in a way... Sooo I tried to be true to the effort level and when he says 10/10 effort is flat go FULL GAS...PERIOD !

So how was it ?? If you do follow his instruction to a tee... Its one HARD (*Censored*)(*Censored*) workout...!!! I drank 3 large water bottles for a 1hr workout...Well maybe 2 cause one I poured over my head...Either way my mouth was soooo dry from breathing so hard I had NO saliva..None... After it was over I sat there on my bike for about 5min pretty dazed trying to keep my wifes meatloaf from ending up on my living room floor... Thinking what the (*Censored*)just happened....holy shit..

So if your looking for something different while still inside on the trainer... you may want to give them a try !! If your true to the instructions your in for a hell of a ride... Seriously Painful....